Since Simply establishment in 2016, our R&D team has grown from a small group to more than 200 people. The area of the factory has expanded to 50.000 square meters. The turnover in 2019 has reached 25.000.000 US dollars in one fell swoop. Now we have become a company with a certain scale, which is closely related to our company's corporate culture:

1) Thought system
The core concept is "Serving the New Silk Road with the heart of altruism."
The corporate mission "let the world recognize Made in China".

2) Main features
Dare to innovate: The primary characteristic is to dare to venture, dare to try, dare to think and do.
Stick to honesty: stick to honesty is the core feature of Simplicity.
Caring for employees: invest hundreds of millions of yuan each year in employee training, set up an employee canteen, and provide employees with three meals a day for free.
Do the best: Simplicity has a great vision, requires extremely high work standards, and pursues "making all work a fine product."

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